DAY 2 – Colloquium Day

Minimal music meets molecular motion

May 3 2010

Jet lag made a morning person out of me (which I certainly not am). Woke up at 6:00 (after refreshing 8 hours sleep) – ready for my first day of this visit at KSU. Campus looked familiar but changed a little. There’s a new parking garage and the former spherical street lights along the sideways have been replaced by new LED downlights. I liked to see this contribution against light pollution (which was heavy with the old ones) and the historism style of the new lamps fits much better to the campus architecture. Traces of the 2008 June 11 tornado damage were hardly visible, e. g. new still shiny aluminium sheets at the roof of Cardwell Hall, the host of the Mathematics and Physics Department.

K-State Student Union

KSU Campus with Hale Library

The time schedule of the first day was tight – saying hello to old friends and colleagues, discussion physics, lunch at KSU Student Union (where my favourite Market Carvery still offers decent traditional food), last fine-polishing of the colloquium talk, checking the presentation works (was worried about the sound files and unexpected laptop-projector interactions). The talk went reasonable and I got the impression that the audience liked it. At the end – after discussing briefly molecular chords – I presented a unique performance of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase (which I found on Youtube) as an example of composed quantum beats.

Colloquium title slide

Dinner at (newly opened) Della Voce restaurant in downtown Manhattan, KS – liked the Italian food but the chocolate crème brulée which I had for desert was more like a chocolate mousse.

And the evening and the morning were the second day.

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