DAY 4 – Seminar Day

Just another talk

May 5 2010

Physics keeps me busy – polishing my talk for the AMO (atomic, molecular and optical) physics seminar and discussing again with a student of my host about theoretical model calculations. After lunch I gave the seminar talk in a strange seminar room which is almost three times wider than long (actually two rooms are combined by removing a foldable wall). Because of this one has two projection screens and, thus, I had to use the computer mouse as a pointer which turned out to be a little tricky. The seminar went fine and afterwards I met the head of the JRM Laboratory and learned about interesting ongoing and future experiments there. Then I took part in my host’s group meeting where the students presented their posters and talks to be shown on upcoming conferences and soon it was late afternoon and time to catch the Roadrunner to Kansas City Airport. I decided to stay overnight at the Econo Logde at KCI in order to get the flight on the next day less stressful. Free courtesy shuttle brought me from the terminal to the Hotel and after watching TV news I fell asleep soon.

On the road towards KCI: Interstate 70

And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

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