Today, I read for the first time about an interesting phenomenon – antibubbles! Though I observed quite often that droplets can float on a  water surface for a short time, I didn’t know that (meta)stable inverse bubbles exist.

Wikipedia on antibubbles:

As nerdy as I am, I tried immediately to produce them (based on some information from the web) – and I succeeded to get 1 cm bubbles with a lifetime of several minutes 🙂

I used soapy water (just normal dishwashing liquid) and added to the input water some sugar in order to compensate the buoyancy of the air layers. Slight negative buoyancy of the bubbles is helpful since they better sink into the liquid. I just dropped a continuous liquid stream from a straw under an angle of about 45°.

A layer of sugar (not stirred) on the bottom of the glass prevents the bubbles from destructive contact with the ground. Interestingly, they survived slight grazing collisions with the side walls.

Here are some photos with up to 5 antibubbles (my personal record is 10 so far):

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