Today, I noticed that in a German internet forum a very short thread (it was about a SPIEGEL article on ‘TV as a life surrogate’) has been continued recently after about 4 1/2 years – some of the mysteries of the internet 🙂

Imagine, two people would meet again somewhere in the wilderness and continue a conversation after a break of years. Somehow, I like these transtemporal things (I hope ‘transtemporal’ is the best translation for ‘überzeitlich’ – sorry for my poor English 😉

This reminds me the documentary film ‘Into Great Silence’ and its history. Waiting more than 15 years for an answer – I call this a sense of time. I have not seen this film so far. According to internet sources, the first word is spoken (or to be more precise: sung) after about 20 minutes.

This, in turn, reminds me ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ where the first word is spoke after 25 minutes (here, I am not sure whether the – often omitted – black-screen beginning with Ligeti’s ‘Atmosphères’ is taken into account). The last psychedelic 22 minutes are wordless again. I assume that all dialogues of ‘2001’ would fit on a few pieces of paper 😉

And somehow, I worry writing down a kind of ‘stream of consciousness’ on ‘Bloomsday’ (I also have never read ‘Ulysses’ – another gap in education) and rather like to stop it.

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