Landscape Spotting Part 1 (FRA-JFK)

OK – let’s start a ‘geeky’ game. During my flight from Frankfurt to New York on 27 July 2012 I took a bunch of photos from the plane. The Idea is to find out which places they show. Who likes to answer: just use the comment function and put in a link to the Google Maps view of the area (see first comment below). The example is Brookhaven National Lab:

Sample: Brookhaven National Lab

The route was Frankfurt – New York (JFK) following more or less a great circle. My seat was at a right (with respect to the flight direction) window with mainly view to the north. What my also help is the time – now included in the picture caption.

And here comes the gallery – enjoy!

10 Responses to “Landscape Spotting Part 1 (FRA-JFK)”

  1. feldfrei Says:

    ‘Sample’ is here:,-72.876778&spn=0.036599,0.077162&t=h&z=14

  2. feldfrei Says:

    So, here’s the first result: a friend on Facebook identified #05 as the Isle of Man. Let’s see, whether he’s right … and indeed, he is 🙂,-4.377365&spn=0.384118,1.056747&t=h&z=11

  3. feldfrei Says:

    Here comes the second result – same friend on Facebook identified #04 (this was rather difficult): Estuary of the River Duddon (Irish Sea).,-3.260021&spn=0.096248,0.264187&t=h&z=13

  4. Flo Says:

    #1 is Wiesbaden Army Airfield 🙂

  5. Flo Says:

    Aaand #25 is the Tobay Beach Park, Long Island:

  6. feldfrei Says:

    #02 has been identified by a German weather forum member as ‘Großer Feldberg’ (881 m, top of the Taunus mountain range):,8.458889&spn=0.026299,0.066047&t=h&z=15

  7. feldfrei Says:

    Someone from ‘Big Bang Forum‘ identified #06 (Portavogie, Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland):,-5.471878&spn=0.29061,0.632401&t=h&z=11

    and #07 (western shore of Lough Neagh):,-6.460304&spn=0.190186,0.528374&t=h&z=12


  8. feldfrei Says:

    And here we go: #03 was found (by the same Facebook guy above) – in the centre is the small village Bishop Burton. More prominent is the former RAF Leconfield N of Beverly.,-0.496616&spn=0.097021,0.264187&t=h&z=13

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