A Neutrino Matchbox


This box contains about …

8,300 Cosmic background neutrinos of each species, i.e. 50,000

320 Solar neutrinos

7.5·P/D2 Reactor neutrinos (P: thermal power in GW, D: distance in km)

Traces of supernova & atmospheric neutrinos, geoneutrinos

The front side of the box mantle tells you how many neutrinos (of different kind and from different sources) are contained in the box (148 cm3 volume). The back ‘Dark Side’ the composition of the total energy of the universe in form of a pie chart.

The proportions of the three edges of the box follow the golden ratio and the absolute value of the middle-size edge length is 5.29 cm, i. e. 1 Billion times the Bohr radius.

Inside is an (updated) excerpt from John Updike’s poem ‘Cosmic Gall’ (original version published in The New Yorker on Dec. 17, 1960) on top of the first bubble chamber picture of a neutrino event (Nov. 13, 1970).

One of the face sides illustrates geometrically two (phenomenological) relations of the neutrino mixing angle ϑ12 to the golden ratio (see also http://arxiv.org/abs/0903.0531).

The papercraft sheets (PDF) of the Neutrino Matchbox can be downloaded here: (English version, German version).

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